Four Door Network Access Control Panel Board With Software Communication Protocol TCP/IP Board Wiegand Reader for 4 Door Use
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Four Door Network Access Control Panel Board With Software Communication Protocol TCP/IP Board Wiegand Reader for 4 Door Use

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Network Access Control Panel Board With Software Communication Protocol TCP/IP Board

FREE SDK & Software included for OEM clients and software developer.


IF based on 50pcs,

Software support customized OEM your company name, CD Cover support ODM customized your logo..



Single Door Control Panel

Multi Door (2) Control Panel

Multi Door (4) Control Panel

S4A Model





TCP/IP 10M/100M adaptive

TCP/IP 10M/100M adaptive

TCP/IP 10M/100M adaptive


Control 1 door, get in and out door by swiping card, or get in by swiping card and get out door by button

Control 2 doors, get in and out door by swiping card, or get in by swiping card and get out door by button

Control 4 doors, get in the door by swiping card, and get out door by button

Size of PCB board

160mm *106mm

160mm *106mm

218mm *106mm

Size of Case


Power Supply

12VDC 4-7A

Power Consumption of Circuit Board

Less than 100mA

Input Format of Reader

Wiegand 26 (All card reader with compatible protocol, such as Motorola , HID ,EM,Mifare one etc)

Quantity of Readers



4 pccs

Door Controlled


2 Doors

4 Doors

Door opening time extending setting

1-600 seconds(adjustable)

Max q ' ty of controller

No limit




Single door controller

Wiring Diagram for ACB-001PS

2 door controllerWiring Diagram

4 door controller

Enhanced Alarm Output and Integrated

fire alarm output


S4A Model: PS-6653

PS-6653 this is Wide Voltage Power Supply for Access Control Board


Input Voltage

AC110~240V 50Hz~60Hz

Output Voltage


Output Current


Dimension 277 x 232 x 66mm

Packing box

300 x 240 x 74mm










Lift controller

Lift controller diagram


Lift Access Control User Manual


Elevator controller software





ACB-W01, ACB-W02 and ACB-W04 Access Control Board

Compatible HIKVISION Camera


FREE Software included Camera Manage function, as below:




Activate Camera


Camera Configure



ADCT Series High-end Industrial Access Controller

200,000 users and 200,000 event buffers

Top mass memory capacity compared with same classes products, which make it be qualified in 99% big access control system projects.





Single Door Access Control

Double Door Access Control

Four Door Access Control

Model No.






Function Description

Control 1 Door and 2 card readers:One reader for enter , the other for exit,One button for exit

Control 2 doors and four card readers :Two readers for enter ,the other two for exit;Two Exit button

Control 4 doors and 4 card readers ,four readers for enter ,four exit button


28 * 9.5 * 3.5 cm


593 g

Case Size

37 * 29 * 9 cm


12VDC 4-7A

Circuit board power dissipation

> 500mA

Input for Card Reader

Wiegand 26-40 bit(Compatible with all card reader under this protocol,such as Motorola , HID ,EM,Mifare etc.

Qty of Reader

1 Pair

2 Pairs

4 Pcs

Door Controled

1 Pair

2 Pairs

4 Pcs

Door opening time extending setting

1-600 Seconds (Adjustable)

MAX Qty of Controller

No Limit

Operation Temperature

-40℃-70℃, advise -35℃-65℃

Operation Humidity


Qty of User

200,000 Users

Events Buffers

200,000 Events buffers record

Power Protection

High speed flash memery ,Never lose

Max distance from reader to controller

100M , suggest within 80M

MAX distance between cotnrollers

Depand on the network parameter of LAN or WAN


Access Controller ,Power Supply ,Case ,Cable ,Software CD ,User Manual ,Key

ADCT high-end intelligent access control system basic functions and extend function


Basic function:

200,000 users

Each access controller can hold 200,000 users, for example, four door controller can manage 200,000 users; each user have the privilege to pass four doors or some of them.

200,000 offline event buffers storage

200,000 event buffers can be stored offline. Every event buffer includes information such as card #, time, address, getting across or not etc. If the storage space overloaded, old information will be deleted automatically so to save space for new records. Your option to activate whether to record button unlocking and alarm information, if inactivated, button unlocking and alarm information will not be recorded.

Flexible popedom management

You can setup that some specified person can unlock some specified doors, or some one can unlock all doors. Setting result can be arranged according to door or person. User can see clearly which person can unlock which door. Also you can export the report to excel file and print out.

Off line operation

Setup through the software and upload the setting, access controller will save all uploaded popedom and records no matter the software, computer and power supply are on or off.

Realtime monitoring, photo display, door status display

Real time monitor each card swiping,. Can display the card holder ' s photo which was prestored in the software,so the security guard can check if the card holder is the one intended to unlock the door. If magnete lines are connected, you can check which door is open or close. Valid cards swiping records will be marked in green; invalid card swiping records will be in orange and alarm records will be in red so to call the security guard ' s attention.

Individual popedom revision and upload

If some new popedom added or some popedom revised, you can just revise or add and upload these new popedoms, no need to reupload all popedoms, so does the loss register. This can save your time.

Emergency double shutoff , emergency manual door close

No need software setting, just connect the emergency switch to the controller specific connecting port, press the switch if emergency situation, then all doors controlled by the controller will close. It can’t open the door by pressing button or swiping card. This function is used in "close thief" and other condition. Pull up the emergency switch, the system returns to normal operation.

Software auto. login

Some company without high safe requirement of operation can set auto. Login for operator to enter into software operation quickly to increase the convinence.



Expansion functions

255 time profiles management

set somebody can pass some door during active date and deactivate date by week type or month type . It can set three different time profiles each day.

Compell to lock and unlock

If some doors need to be normal open or normal closing, user can set via the software.

Remote unlocking

Administrator can open a specified door in remote distance through software interface and can be recorded.

Time link

If the time period you need exceeds 3 period (i.e. 8:30-12:00,1:30-3:30, 4:30-6:30, 7:30-9:30), you can realize this through the time link to get 6 or 9 period or even more.
If you need different time period in Sat, for exmple, Mon to Friday the time period is 8:30-17:30 but for Sat you need the time period 8:30-12:00, then you can set two different time period, one is Mon to Fri, 8:30-17:30, another one is Sat 8:30-12:00 and then link this two periods.


If keyboard reader used, user can use card+ number to unlock the door, namely, you can set that to open the door the card holder need to swipe the card and then input the correct password, only when both are right the door can be unlocked. Every card can has its unique password. In this case, others cann ' t use your card to unlock the door if they don ' t know your password. And you also can set that someone need use card+password to unlock a door, but some others only need a card to unlock the door. Password can be 1-6 numbers.

Unlock by manually input card number+password

If you activate this function, then you don ' t need to swipe the card, only input the card number and password, you can open the door and unlocking records will be stored.

Super password

You can at most 4 super passwords for each door. People only need to input any one of these 4 password to unlock the door. System doesn ' t record this unlocking information. Password can be 1-6 numbers.


In some occasions, it is requested that if a certain door is open then the other door cann ' t be unlocked. Two-door controller can realize two doors interlock; four-door controller can realize two doors interlock, three doors interlock and four doors interlock. This function is gear to places where strict access control required such as bank, cashhousing etc.

Anti-passback and anti-tail

The purpose of anti-passback is to prevent a card holder from passing back his or her card to another person to gain entry into an access-controlled area.

Unlock the door by multi-card

In some occasions, it is required that to open the door there must several specified card to swip in sequence. Only one of these certain cards cann ' t open the door. You also can set that to enter the room there must multi card and to exit the room only need a single card. 
This function is gear to bank cash housing, antique collection sites and museums etc.

You can set to unlock a door there need a group of people swip their cards in sequence or some of people in a group together with some people in another group to swip their cards in sequence. Example: in the bank cashhouse, you can set that to unlock the door there must be 1 of 3 bank governor, 2 of 8 security guard and 3 of 5 money carriers to swip their cards in sequence.

Normal open and normal closing at certain time

Also called timing mission. Places such as embassy requir normal open at day time, everyone can enter freely, but off-work time, only embassy staff can use their card to exit, others are not allowed to enter. At night, doors need to keep closing, even embassy staffs are not allowed to exit. Each controller can set at most 64 timing missions. This function can operate offline.

Record unlocking by button

Time of unlocking by button will be recorded, but cann ' t know who unlocked the door.

Sub-sector administration

Some companies request different department control their own access and time attendance. And advanced administor can control all access and time attendance.

First card unlocking

Example: you can set some cards have the first card unlocking popedom, so in the morning only people who have first card unlocking popedom can open the door.

Operator report

Any operator’s operation can be recorded as report for future query and analysis



Functions with connecting ADCT expansion panel

fire alarm and emergency unlocking

If control panel connected with I/O expansion board, then if fire switch signal received the access controller will unlock the doors it controled and can start up the alarm. Alarm information will be recorded.

Linkage output

If control panel connected with with I/O expansion board, then when door is unlocked legally, the controller can drive another relay to take action so to control more devices. For example, there is a customer request when door is unlocked legally, the controller will also start up the street light or or send a open/close signal to camera. Linkage relay action time can be set to 0-600 seconds.

Theft deterrence and alarm

(see the detailed introduction for this function as follows)



The following functions connected ADCT expansion panel : can drive hardware(alarm siren, alarm light) to alarm, otherwise can only alarm on software interface or drive computer speaker to alarm.

Alarm for long time unlocking

When door unlocked at a long time or you forget to close the door, the monitoring interface on the software will notice the administrator the alarm time and location and to start up the computer speaker. You can set how long the alarm time is and also how long the door unlocked the alarm will be started

Alarm for illegal break in

Also called alarm for forced unlocking. Monitoring interface on the software will notice the administrator the alarm time and location and to start up the computer speaker. If I/O expansion board and magnet lines of the door connected, the controller can drive up the alarm devices.

Alarm for invalid card swiping

Namely, try to unlock the door with invalid card(unauthorized card), the monitoring interface on the software will notice the administrator the alarm time and location and to start up the computer speaker.

Intimidation alarm

You can set a intimidation passwork which is different with the normal password. When the staff was intimidated to unlock the door, staff can input a intimidation password to unlock the door, but the intimidation unlocking information(time and location) will be seen on the administration center and speakers of the administration center computer will warn the administrator. This function is gear to bank, cash house etc.



Normal Work Time Attendance

Flexible time setting

You can set how many minutes late will not be counted as late.

Can define holiday period

You can define the holiday period on the software administration interface

Define punitive measure

For example: to define how many minutes late or early will be counted as absent

Can specify a certain door to do time and attendance

Can specify some doors to do time attendance and access control, or some doors only do access control

Can set the number of daily card swiping

You can set each day at least twice card swiping or four times card swiping

Flexible Sat time and attendance setting

You can set the weekend to be Sat and Sun, or only Sun etc.

Can import leave application form, flexibly add and customize the holiday name

Can input affair leaves, sick leaves, evection and yearly leaves etc.

Can legally do manual sign in

If some one didn ' t swip the card or late because of forgivable reason, you can do manual sign in for him.

Detail time attendance report

You can check and print the report or export to a excel file. Report include details such as on and off time, department and other informtions. You can check time attendance according to department, date etc.

Detail time and attendance summary report

You can check and print the report or export to a excel file. Employees ' s montly(or a certain period of time) time attendance report. Also you can summer according to department or person. It can calculate how many minutes late, how many times late, how many times leave early, how many hours overtime work etc. You can choose to print in vertical or horizontal direction.

Can customize the report form

You can choose to print which item, width, sequence, and even save the form so next time you can use it again.

Can set that certain person excluded from time

For example, some special position such as general manager or some position which needs go out frequently, you can set on the software to exclude them from the time attendance list.



Multi-shift time attendance administration

Can set 99 shifts

Besides normal shift, you can set additional 99 shifts

Support overnight shift

Shift time can be set at 0:00.

Support shift period turns

Shift period can be defined by yourself.

Every shifts can set different card swiping times

Each shifts can set to swipe twice, 4 times, 6 times or 8 times, and can set a specified shift as overtime work.

Can calculate two kinds of overtime work mode:


Postpone over time means employee do overtime but no need to swipe overtime working card, only need to swipe card after overtime work. Example: normal shift is 17:30 off work, you can set overtime work start from 18:00, if employee swipe the card at 18:30, then 30 minutes will be counted as overtime work.

Certain time overwork, you can specify a certain time period as overwork time, for example, 19:00 to 20:00 is the overtime work period, if the employee swipe card at 19:35, then 30 minutes will be counted as overtime work, if the employee swipe the card at 21:06, then 2hours will be counted as overtime work.



swiping card fortification, disarm, alarm

Infrared door magnet anti-theft setting

Connect with the infrared sense probe, sense organ or door magnet, if someone break in illegally, the infrared sense organ will start the alarm system.

24 hours alarm for disasters such as gas and fire

Need to connect with the gas sense organ, smoke sense organ etc.

Emergency call

Connect with the emergency button, if robbery happen inside the room, people can push the emergency button and alarm will be started


IF need Power Supply to work with Access Control Board together, kindly check the below picture link:



And if you need iButton Card Reader work together with ACB-00 Series Network Access Control Board together,

Kindly check below link:




  • Brand Name: S4A
  • Certification: CE
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Model Number: ACB-001
  • Security Mode: Fail Secure
  • Direction: None


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